Access to Physiotherapy

Many patients come to physiotherapy through the medical process, with a prescription from their family doctor. In such cases, the physiotherapy sessions are covered by standard medical insurance under Swiss LAMAL regulations.

It is equally possible, of course, to receive physiotherapeutic treatment under private arrangement without a prescription. A person can, for instance, choose to see a physiotherapist to strengthen their back, hips or shoulders, to preventatively improve their posture or get professional advice on better workplace ergonomics.

In my practice, I regularly offer treatment for orthopaedic, traumatic, rheumatic or neurological problems as well as issues related to certain cases of internal medicine.

You are welcome to call upon my professional services for:

  • re-education following an operation or accident
  • all types of back pain, lumbar, dorsal or cervical
  • headaches
  • joint pain, including shoulders, elbows, wrists, trunk, hips, knees and ankles
  • radiculopathy or radiating pain, such as sciatic-nerve affection
  • pain due to a specific sporting or professional activity (golfer or tennis elbow, etc.)
  • improvement in mobility or muscular strength
  • improvement in physical balance
  • oedema, water-retention, inflammation, bruising
  • postural or functional problems
  • prophylactic ergonomics and workplace postural advice
  • medical massage and manual preventative treatment
  • lymphatic drainage treatments
  • scar or tissue-repair treatments

I look forward to meeting you at my practice.

The following documents may be useful to members of the medical profession:

Prescription de physiothérapie (format PDF, in French)

Verordnung zur Physiotherapie (format PDF, in German)