My approach

I offer a personalised approach to physiotherapy, made-to-measure and in accordance with objectives that we will have set together, in line with your individual needs and resources.

The therapeutic relationship is an essential part of the healing process. The atmosphere must be one of trust, care and attention, where the patient feels included in his/her own therapy. It is important for the patient to understand precisely his/her own specific problem area, its possible consequences and how she/he may be able to participate in the actual means toward improvement or recovery. The healing objectives must be chosen in consideration of a person's daily life, and physical, sporting or professional activities.

After setting forth the objectives of a patient's therapeutic journey, I will accompany your healing process, from the rehabilitation phase to one of maximum autonomy.

Prevention is also a key element in successful physiotherapy. Indeed, the aim of a successful treatment is not only to improve the present condition but also, of course, to prevent a particular problem from returning, to give our patients the opportunity to live their life to the fullest and healthiest.